开心彩票|神剧本看呆!米兰5度死里逃生 读秒绝平+12轮点球创历史


"We experienced a unique and unforgettable night. We got the result we wanted and we entered the Europa League group stage."


"It is luck to win a penalty kick, but the efforts of the boys are worthy of this victory. My satisfaction is obvious."


After the game, from player Diaz to coach Pioli, the Milan generals were delighted and lucky to be able to advance. Of course, tonight Milan won the favor of the goddess of luck. They faced five eliminations in 120 minutes of the game. However, in the end, the countdown was a perfect match + a narrow penalty shot and was promoted to the Europa League main match.


Last weekend, Manchester United, Inter Milan and Chelsea teamed up to dedicate a night of lore for the fans, making the fans hooked. After just 5 days, the focus of the fourth round of the 2020/21 UEFA Europa League qualifiers kicked off, and AC Milan once again staged the story. At the end of the penalty shoot-out, they defeated Rio Avi with a thrilling 11-10 victory to qualify for the Europa League.


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In this game, because there is no big brother Ibrahimovic, the Milan players are still slightly immature and they are playing very hard. In the first half of the game, the two sides did not score any goals and entered the halftime with 0-0. Entering the second half, Milan scored in the 51st minute. Çarhanoglu took a corner kick, Rio Avi’s player was unfavorable to clear the siege, and Salemaques, who was lying outside the penalty area, stopped the ball in the chest, kicked and volleyed the goal, the ball went directly into the net and Milan led 1-0. After scoring a goal, the fans thought that Milan would easily win the game, but the process was quite exciting.

在这场比赛中,由于没有大哥大伊布(Ibrahimovic),米兰球员仍然有些不成熟,他们的比赛非常努力。在比赛的上半场,双方没有进球,以0-0进入了中场休息。进入下半场,米兰在第51分钟得分。 Çarhanoglu开出角球,里约阿维(Rio Avi)的球员不愿解围,而位于禁区外的萨勒马克(Salemaques)将球停在胸前,踢了射门并凌空射门,皮球直接入网,米兰带领1-0。进球后,球迷们认为米兰很容易赢得比赛,但是过程令开心彩票平台网址人兴奋。

In the 72nd minute, Rioavi organized a quick counterattack, Carlos Mane crossed the penalty area, and Glades scored the ball, 1-1, and the two sides returned to the same starting line. Subsequently, before the end of the 90-minute game, Rio Avi almost killed Milan, and the Rossoneri escaped.

在第72分钟,Rioavi组织了一次快速的反击,Carlos Mane越过了禁区,Glades得分为1-1,双方恢复到同一起跑线。随后,在90分钟的比赛结束前,里约阿维(Rio Avi)几乎杀死了米兰,而罗索内里(Rossoneri)逃脱了。

Entering overtime, Rio Avi quickly scored the goal, leading the score to 2-1. Subsequently, the Milan team will work hard, but they have not been able to succeed. It was not until the overtime countdown that Milan made a penalty kick by the teenager Kolombo, and Charhanoglu made a penalty. Milan evened the score at the last minute and saved the hope of promotion.

进入加时赛,里约阿维(Rio Avi)迅速进球,将比分领先至2-1。随后,米兰队将努力工作,但他们未能成功。直到加时倒计时,米兰才对少年Kolombo判罚点球,而Charhanoglu判罚点球。米兰在最后一刻将比分扳平,并保留了升职的希望。

Before the penalty shoot-out, the two sides drew in 7 rounds. In the eighth round, Milan player Kolombo missed the penalty and the ball went above the crossbar. However, the player who took the penalty afterwards also missed the ball. Milan escaped again. Robbery. In the 10th round, Donnarumma missed a penalty, but fortunately, Kietske also missed the penalty, the two sides still did not decide the outcome. In the 11th round, Ben Nasser's penalty kick was saved, and Glades' penalty kick hit the post.

在点球大战之前,双方进行了7轮比赛。在第八轮比赛中,米兰球员科伦坡错过了点球,皮球超过了横梁。但是,随后罚点球的球员也没有射中球。米兰再次逃脱。抢劫。在第10轮中,唐纳鲁玛(Donnarumma)错过了点球,但幸运的是开心彩票,基茨克(Kietske)也错过了点球,双方仍未决定结果。在第11轮中,本·纳赛尔(Ben Nasser)的点球被保存,格拉德斯(Glades)的点球被击中。

Until the 12th round, Kjaer scored the ball and Santos missed the penalty. The two sides had a total of 24 free throws in 12 rounds. This was also the largest number of rounds in the history of the Europa League. Milan has since 2003. After defeating Juventus in the Champions League final in 2016, he won a penalty shoot-out in the European Championship for the first time.


After 120 minutes of fierce battle and as many as 12 rounds of penalty shootouts, AC Milan finally won a qualification to qualify for the Europa League.


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[Hollywood-level plot! Milan penalty shoot-out review: 12 rounds of fierce battle, if you lose, I won’t even score]




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